[Life] What I Got in the Mail Today

Oddly, there were more letters addressed to me than anyone else in my family. So, 2 items received are notable.

1. From Cambridge Who's Who
 These people asked me to be part of a directory. Here are scans of the letter and application.
So, I looked this up online and apparently, it's a scam. 
Source: Article by Ryan Kopf
Remember, don't commit to anything you've never heard of. Look it up online. Someone else must've been through this before.

2. From National Foundation for Cancer Research
So, they sent me a bunch of blank birthday cards with matching envelopes, assuming I will donate money to them. However, being the unemployed person I am, I don't have money to donate to them. Even if I did, I'm too skeptical of these things since money rarely goes to where the philanthropist intends it to go. Thanks for the cards though; they will be put to good use.