[Healthcare] "The Velluvial Matrix," Stanford School of Medicine Commencement Speech

by: Atul Gawande (yes, I searched his name on The New Yorker to read all these articles)

This is an excerpt near the end:
You are joining a special profession. Doctors and scientists, we are all in the survival business, but we are also in the mortality business. Our successes will always be restricted by the limits of knowledge and human capability, by the inevitability of suffering and death. Meaning comes from each of us finding ways to help people and communities make the most of what is known and cope with what is not.
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An inspiring statement for anyone working in the healthcare industry from the R&D researchers in medical device, biotech or pharma companies to the doctors and nurses on the front lines of healthcare. I guess that's what commencement speeches are for, a call to action after receiving all this education.