Areas for medical innovation: Telemedicine & Prevention

So, after reading a blog post about telemedicine, I learned that this has a lot of potential.

1. Telemedicine will be a powerful disruptive innovation. Doctors will not need to be physically proximal to the patients that are being screened. A technician (which is much cheaper than a doctor) can gather the data, images, scans, etc. and then upload them onto a server that a skilled doctor can analyze from the other side of the world and respond with the diagnosis. Healthcare will be more accessible. Therefore, cheaper and more portable technologies need to be developed for existing imaging tools.

2. Another area is preventive technology. A decent amount of medicine is powered by treating health problems when they arise, but a much more advantageous development would be to prevent the illness altogether (which could also potentially reduce the cost of healthcare). Research needs to be conducted on who is susceptible to certain types of preventable diseases and then technologies for these diseases geared toward the susceptible population can be developed to prevent them.

Anyway, on a different note, I find it funny (and somewhat sad) that there are these business people and professionals flaming each other in the comments section in some posts on