Roseto Mystery

I just started reading "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell because the other book I was reading is uninteresting.

There was a group of Italian people in PA in the 1950s with a lower prevalence of heart disease, no suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction, and little crime. Roseto seemed like a perfectly healthy society, death occurring solely due to old age. Dr. Wolf goes there to do some tests and studies to determine what is different. He discovered that this extraordinary health is not due to diet, exercise, genes or location. He discovered that the factor was the community, the unity of the people. Everyone chatted with each other. Three generations of the family live together. No one boasted of wealth and failures were concealed. Each individual in the town would consider all the others.

(You can read this here or try to find the book at your local bookstore.)

What if these principles were applied to the church? What if the church follows this community-mentality? Would the spiritual health of God's people improve?

Any time there is a group of people, unity is very important. Without unity, there is no group, thus defeating the purpose of the group. Unity can allow us to make decisions for the greater good, putting aside personal desires. Unity will allow us to love one another, knowing that this love affects the entire community. Any schism or pain in the community affects everyone (1 Corinthians 12:26). Unity will conceal failures, weaknesses (Proverbs 17:9) and pray for them (Galatians 6:1; 1 John 5:16), yet also keep strengths (talents) humble. This unity displays the presence of Christ (John 17:23), which is the purpose of life, to glorify God. However, for the spiritual health to improve, this unity needs to be based on Christ. Spiritual health will increase the quality of servitude, the working of God in the church and hopefully, an increasing number in those saved.

So, how can we show unity? We can learn from Roseto. Talk to one another when you bump into each other and say "hi." Respect those that are older. Don't create division by boasting of your strengths; hide the weaknesses of others. Pray for each other and care for each other as if they are part of your family, part of the one body.

Notable quote spoken on 2/18/2011 and added to this post on 2/18/2011:
Quote by AAOS president, Dr. Daniel Berry, from the 2011 AAOS annual meeting: “Unity requires constant maintenance, reassurance, compromise and actions that demonstrate we are set on working together.”
Source: ODTmag