Killer massager

So, I read a post about how a machine (specifically, a neck massage machine) is turning against human beings (specifically, killing a person). And, since I work with patents in the kinesitherapy arts (massage devices), I decided to look for the patent.

The post gave the name of the product, but it did not show what the massage mechanism looked like. After some searching on Google, I found the recall announcement by the FDA. The company name is "King International."
This announcement gave more information about the device.
Location of King International: Beaverton, OR
Year the device started to sell: 2003

After searching some more on google, I found out how the device worked.

So, this device has a rotating part that has protrusions. It seems like the protrusions got caught on something (necklace or clothing) and strangled a user.

Then, using some quick text searching in Google Patents with terms like "deep massage," "neck" and "floor," the following results came up:
Google Patents Search Results

US Patent # 6,589,192
Name of inventor: King Yiu Chan and Si Ming Du
Address of inventors: Beaverton, OR
Year of patent: 2003
Figure 3 of the invention looks like the second row of figures on the website.

Rough break for the inventors and it's sad that someone was lost because of a machine gone awry, but I guess these things happen. This was just very interesting to me, being able to connect the things I see in patents to the outside, consumer world. I even told me supervisor about this.

Also, by some rare chance, if anyone owns this device and sees this post, please act according to the FDA recall announcement.