Government shutdown??

Lately, I've been keeping up with the federal government budget news and how the 2011 budget has not yet been approved. I've only been keeping up with this because the DoD is affected by this (as are many other agencies) and I'm still waiting for an official job offer from the Army, which is under DoD. There has been talk of a "government shutdown," where the government cannot be funded. However, a budget was passed today to temporarily prevent a shutdown for another 2 weeks (Source: The Huffington Post).

The DoD is actually trying to push for a larger budget, according to Federal News Radio. Near the end of the broadcast, the lady says to forget about the patent reform and put more money into the DoD.

Finally, another broadcast last week has the CFOs of the DoD and PTO talking about the budget and the potential shutdown. Funny thing is that I currently work for the PTO and am also waiting for an official job offer from DoD (I have already been unofficially approved for the job). However, because of the lack of defined budgets, the Army has been forced to delay this.